Lauren, through her exceptional artistic accomplishment and technical knowledge, will take you in a journey through various aspects of art and its possibilities. I felt extremely comfortable to express myself and learn at my own pace with Lauren's guidance. Her approach of expressive art combined with tried and proven technique will make you certainly look forward to your next opportunity to be a part of her workshops. To experience Santa Fe's art is absolutely magic. To become a part of the art through participating in a workshop is simply priceless!

Daniela Rangel Matchael, Athens, Texas

Lauren is a true pro at what she does and how she instructs. Through the years, I have studied painting yet of late, have become increasingly interested in mixed media work. Lauren has given me new insight as to the mixed media process as well as the many materials one can use in the correct order/fashion -- yet her style is free, which I love and greatly appreciated during the workshop. Beyond that, she pushed me to think about my artistic approach and perhaps more importantly, to hone in on my personal desires as to what I want to communicate to my viewer. There's nothing like an objective viewpoint. I would highly recommend Lauren's workshop - aside from her obvious talent and skills, she is delightful. Thank you Lauren!

Jazz, New Jersey

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our hands-on art session with Lauren during our last trip to Santa Fe. So much so that we booked another session for a few days later. Lauren is a great teacher and makes you very comfortable as you attempt to flex an often atrophied "art muscle"! We would heartily recommend Lauren's art classes!

Enzo and Catherine, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

My family was in town for a relaxing vacation. We decided to take an art class, and Lauren's looked intriguing. We loved her art, and the class looked like it would suit us. We had five participants ranging in age from seventeen to sixty-seven. And our experience levels ranged from none to an art degree. Lauren explained her processes to us and let us get to work. She assisted when needed, but also stepped back and made us make our own artistic decisions. (As an accountant, this wasn't always easy for me!) We all left with our own unique piece of artwork that is a wonderful souvenir from a fantastic trip. We will definitely do it again the next time we are in town.

Mary, St. Charles, Missouri

I feel like the structure and non-structure balance of this workshop reflected Lauren's own spirit of adventure and refined restraint. I enjoyed the meditations immensely. I enjoyed her personhood so much. The teaching was excellent, thoughtful and well presented. I would suggest everyone use a surface that is unfamiliar. I would just say I wish I had done that for myself. Most of all, I have gained more from this workshop on every level of being than other and that is priceless. I hope to return.

Tarn "Anything Goes Workshop"

What a joy to be surrounded by a small group of supportive, creative women. The sharing of life stories while exploring new ideas and techniques was not only supportive, but also amazing on all sorts of levels. The tutorials on materials and composition combined with critique, meditation, visualization was a perfect confluence.

Susan Summa "Anything Goes Workshop