How to Re-enter the studio after a long break

The Sky is Falling, Anchor the Light, 80x96, 2017

I recently went to Bali for a month, upon return I headed back out my door to

teach a workshop in the Bay Area. I am now back- home for five weeks now and I am just starting to get my feelers back in the studio.

Leaving can be a challenge to any art practice. A friend of my recently gave me some priceless advice- she said she got it from a movie. I am paraphrasing but it goes something like this

Bob who isa temp in an office is slacking on his work, his boss say's to him one day, "Bob, I notice you have an artistic temperament- you need to fo back to your desk, settle down, focus and catch up". That simple- so that is what I am doing and surprise a finished painting came this week, one that I began after a shamanic journey I did last summer. The journey brought a wise guide to my sidewho handed me nine pearls to swallow. Why I ask? His response, "The sky is now falling, you need to anchor the light, now go paint".

The Sky is Falling, Anchor the Light, 2017 80x96, oil on panels

The Sky is Falling, Anchor the Light, 2017 80x96, oil on panels

Snowing in Santa Fe

The wind is kicking up and it is snowing on the first day of February.

I have recently had participants inquire about my next intensive workshop to work through barriers or what might seem like dead ends in their art practice.

You might want to check out the lectures on George Land- he states that creativity is actually un-learned in our society. It has been studied that 5 year old' s hold more creativity and the ability to think outside of the box more than an adult. this not surprise me. Having taught adults for twenty years - our main focus is usually on how to re-capture the innocence and trust in simple mark making that we had when we were young. We are quickly moving from the information age to the conceptual age and with that we need more art- based learning practices to help carry us into our trust to produce more creative problem solving for our planet!


what I am offering is 6 week skype seminars for those that can not get away. Once a week we meet- I show you whatI am doing in the studio and we work in a mentor fashion. Individual projects with deadlines! You can find this under my workshops.!

As for wiorkshops: The Center of The Arts in Jackson Hole Wyoming I will be hosting the Alchemy of Mixed Media May 22nd- 25th.





Happy New Year

It was a whirlwind end of the year.

I hosted a student show from art workshops in Santa Fe in my studio in November. Eight localparticipants who have been steadily working away for the last year. We had a fantastic turnout and an image of Laura Newmark's work "Pain Body" had a half page print in the November issue of THE magazine, Santa Fe. The new year workshops have begun. Wednesday Ongoing Painting- focused on your individual needs within a group 1-4 and beginning Feb. 23rd- Tuesday Night Mixed Media 5 Week Intensive.  so check out the workshop page- there is still room.

I am teaching a Drawing I class at Santa Fe Community College this term and will offer an acrylic and color course through continuing education at the Community College beginning April 5th.

May 23rd - I will be in Jackson Hole, Wy- at the Art Association teaching a 5 day Alchemy of Mixed Media.

I had a solo show open atFriesen Gallery Gallery in Ketchum Idaho

the day after thanksgiving. This begins the official ski season to the area. The show- Intersections of Vast Things. It is my first exhibit with Friesen and I am thrilled to be a part of them.

Friesen Gallery- Installation View

Friesen Gallery- Installation View

After a nice long break- I am back in the studio. I am part of a group show at Chase Young Gallery in Boston- January, 2016 and I am finishing pieces for Mark Woolley Gallery opening in Portland, Or, March 20th, 2016. A peak at a piece - no title as of yet.

mixed media - 30x40 2016

mixed media - 30x40 2016

Life appears to be diving into depths of some unknown and known facets that are emerging through paint. Lightness of being seems to be temporarily on the shelf. sometimes deadlines push me into gear- other times I freeze and all avenues to a groove of working seem to be nowhere in sight. Looking for the door- the shimmer of light- I pace- pace around like a dog looking for the perfect comfort spot in which to enter. I know this process- I have been here before, many times. Not quite sure why every time feels like the first time. The beauty is- once your in , the dialogue can begin- but the waiting is a form of magic. Painting is not done alone. There is a cohort that beckons. Sometimes it speaks through the painting itself and I can enter into relationship- and sometimes it just comes where a harmonic symphony takes place with three or four pieces at once. I paint waiting for just these moments.

I have been thinking a lot about how all this t translates into teaching. How to communicate what happens in the studio. If I have left my process for a time- a week , a month I have to search out the delicate balance between who I was when I left the door and who I am now in the moment- pick up and carry the conversation forward. Do the work. I just want all to know that we are not alone in this process

John O’donuhue said it so well in his book- Beauty-

“No person is a finished thing, regardless of how frozen or paralyzed their self image might be. Each one of us is in a state of perennial formation. Carried with the flow of time, you are coming to be who you are in every new emerging moment. Life is a journey that fills out your identity and yet the true nature of a journey remains largely invisible."




Fall Newsletter- Upcoming Exhibits and Events

Happy Fall To All

                                                   Wheelhouse Art Gallery, June 2015

                                                   Wheelhouse Art Gallery, June 2015

Life has been quite busy this past summer and fall.
After completing “Visceral Gravity”, a body of work that was exhibited at Wheelhouse Gallery in Santa Fe, June 26th- August 26th, I found myself, not painting, but catching up on all the little mundane activities that can fall off the rails when you immerse yourself in creative acts --website updates, taxes, laundry, self care of body, mind and spirit, scheduling and planning.

Wheelhouse Art, 418 Montezuma, here in Santa Fe is closing their doors at the end of October. Joyce Stolaroff did a fantastic job for the year plus she was on board. Now it is time for her to move on. I wish her all the best in her new endeavors.  If you have not seen the space go on down before it closes. 

Next month I will deliver new work to Friesen Gallery in Sun Valley, Idaho. I am excited to be trying out new work with them and a great excuse for a fall road-trip.
So to all my Ketchum Idaho friends, when meandering around town, please do stop on in.

I sent off smaller pieces to Chase Young Gallery in Boston, Massachusetts, for a group show upcoming in January 2016.

I am thrilled to announce that I am the recipient of the Lillian Orlowsky and William Freed Grant, 2015.  As part of this award, there will be an exhibit with three other fellow recipients. The scheduled opening will be sometime in September 2016 at the Provincetown Art Association and Museum, Massachusetts. Stay tuned!

Back in Santa Fe,  I continue to offer workshop and classes from my lovely studio.  An upcoming schedule can be found at  I have added some diverse talent to come on board this winter.

 In January I will be offering a “One Day Retreat of Deep Listening and Discovery Through the Creative Acts of Continuum Movement and Process Painting”  with Lynette Kessler, Dance Movement Artist on January 23rd,  9-5pm.

Also in January (dates to be announced) Carrie Ronneau will be returning to offer her encaustic skills in her workshop “Viva Encaustica”.

Saturday, November 14th- 4-8pm, I will be hosting a group show in my studio. "The Alchemy of Mixed Media- Works of 7 Emerging Artists". Seven practicing artists that have been immersed in my workshops and classes over the last year and a half will be exhibiting. Elizabeth Pinson, Barbara Bally, Laura Newmark, George Maloof, Vickie Deane, Sara Mckenzie and Julia Meeks. Lauren Mantecon Studios- 123A Camino Teresa, Santa Fe, NM.

And for all those Marin County folks - I will be coming to town to facilitate a two day workshop, “The Alchemy of Mixed Media” in the ICB building of Sausalito. Tentative dates April 9th and 10th. Please contact me with your interest, space will be limited.

You can view my work at:

Be Well and Creative,


Artisan Alchemy of Mixed Media Demo

Lauren’s demo will include the making of traditional gesso and how to apply it on wood panels, in combination with rabbit skin glue. Joint compound- mixed with mediums and pigmentswill also be introduced as well as the use of wax/ encaustic in combination with materials. Lauren will demonstrate the the combined use of pencil,oil pastel, acrylic paint, binders and collage, showing that together they can create something of greater depth. 


I have just found out I am a recipient of A lillian Orlowsky and William Freed Grant.

"The primary emphasis is to promote public awareness and a commitment to American art, as well as encouraging interest in artists who lack adequate recognition. We strive to attract the best under recognized painters in the country."
This also comes with an exhibition at PAM museum September 2016.



Spring/Summer Newsletter

Greetings from Santa Fe, New Mexico

August of this year will mark two years in Santa Fe.

It has been a constant deepening of experience to settle into the vast landscape and sense of place Northern New Mexico has to offer. I am truly humbled by the ever changing climate and communication this land expresses on a consistent basis.

The vast landscape has been a tremendous friend in inspiring new work in my art practice. It's expressing a tension between gestural responses in relationship  to atmosphere, color and the exploration of the formless and formed simultaneously.

The work is opening at June 26th- July 30th with a two person show with entitled Visceral/Gravity. Inspired by both the vastness of space and the French essayist and poet Francis Ponge. Ponge drew upon the creative ambiguity of language while describing nature and objects on several levels at once and with a willingness to expose unfinished thoughts.

On another note I just received news this week that I am a recipient of a Lillian Orlowsky and William Freed Grant.

"The primary emphasis is to promote public awareness and commitment to American art, as well as encouraging interests in artists who lack adequate recognition. We strive to attract the best under recognized painters in the country." This comes with an exhibition in 2016

I still continue to offer workshops/classes and individual mentoring. You can come visit Santa Fe or contact me about coming to your community. My commitment to teaching continues to be fearless exploration through unconventional methods and materials. See:  for up coming schedule.

For all those in Portland, Oregon- A group of paintings was just delivered that can be viewed at: Go on in and ask to see them in his new back room viewing. Stay tuned for a two person show April 2016 with Portland artist Rick Austin.

If you are in Astoria, Oregon, you can still view works at:

With Tremendous Gratitude,






"Imparts it's Quality of Fluidity" 58x58, 2015

"Imparts it's Quality of Fluidity" 58x58, 2015

Sitka Center Classroom

Sitka Center Classroom