Wrangling Paint

While lunching recently with girlfriends and discussing the actual functionality of what we do as artists with the substance of paint, I said that I mostly push and wrestle colored liquid and have been for a very long time. I have clocked in many days in the studio ending with paint covered fingertips to elbows and splatters down to my toes.

Chaos can be messy. The birth of a personalized order out of the unknown or the luscious shadows of existence are what keep me coming back for more.

I was then asked at the lunch table if I might be interested in offering a one-time workshop in just that: the actual pushing paint presented as the techniques I have honed over time.

The maneuvering of brush over surface, layering without brush strokes, transparent veiling, lifting, blending. What might I call that? We all agreed: Wrangling Paint.

Wrangle: to round up, herd, or take charge of. Another synonym: engaging in a long dispute.

But, the definition on wrangling I found of most interest has to do with technical information.

It is called “Data Wrangling” or “Data Munging.” It’s a way of transforming and mapping data. Making “raw" data form into another format with the intent of making it more valuable for downstream purposes.

Is that not a near perfect example of what we do as artists? It’s alchemy; manipulating materials and translating it into a more valuable experience for all.

“I want to turn chaotic colors into veils of light, purify the surface, and touch my soul.”

Wrangling Paint + More

A three-day workshop July 18-20, 2019, in my large, well-lit Santa Fe Studio. Three spots left. Come join us.


Snowing in Santa Fe

The wind is kicking up, and it is snowing on the first day of February.

I have recently had participants inquire about my next intensive workshop to work through barriers or what might seem like dead ends in their art practice.

You might want to check out the lectures on George Land. He states that creativity is actually un-learned in our society. It has been studied that 5-year olds hold more creativity and the ability to think outside of the box more than an adult. This does not surprise me. Having taught adults for twenty years, our main focus is usually on how to recapture the innocence and trust in simple mark-making that we had when we were young. We are quickly moving from the information age to the conceptual age and with that, we need more art-based learning practices to help carry us into our trust to produce more creative problem-solving for our planet!


What I am offering is a 6-week Skype seminar for those who cannot get away. We meet once a week. I show you what I am doing in the studio, and we work in a mentor fashion. Individual projects with deadlines! You can find this under my workshops.

As for workshops: The Center of The Arts in Jackson Hole Wyoming will be hosting my class, Alchemy of Mixed Media from May 22 to 25.