The Abundance of Fall

The Abundance of Fall, mixed media on panel, 42 x 46, Lauren Mantecon

The Abundance of Fall, mixed media on panel, 42 x 46, Lauren Mantecon

When I was nine I would join my Mom with her local art chapter association in a shopping mall in Miami, Florida.
I would set up my slightly odd acrylic paintings of unrecognizable planets and galaxies on canvas alongside the chapter members oil paintings of palm trees, nude studies and sandy white beaches.

The above paragraph was the opening lines to an arduous, and what became a month long grant
writing process for a large scale painting project I have envisioned for my future.
The writing of a career narrative required of me felt a little dry and mechanical. I was challenged. But, I learned quite a bit on how to improve the next one.

I go on to say ..

I did not know it at the time, but my galaxy paintings were the beginning to a life-long body of work. A forging into different lanes of light moved by quantum physics- akin to a navigational map for self inquiry. The desire to touch dimensions beyond the four we are aware we live in.
Veils, mists, orbs, black holes, ghost vessels are the leitmotifs in my work. I draw on sources as wide- ranging as sacred land sites, shamanic practices, color field painting, contemporary physics and poetry.

Getting clear on what we actually do in our creative process can be of tremendous value.
Maybe you might not be looking for the outer support of a grant but with fall upon us and winter just around the corner, I highly recommend the contemplation.
Time set aside to just reflect on why we do what we do- wherever that passion or inspiration leads us.

Thanks for reading,

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