Stewards of Light

Sweeping Presence - oil on panels 40” x 96”

Sweeping Presence - oil on panels 40” x 96”

Stewards of Light Opening March 8th - Friesen Gallery, Ketchum, Idaho 2019

Steward; a name/word that does not normally float around my peripheral while constructing a painting. Yet, while completing a body of work for my upcoming solo exhibit at Friesen Gallery in Ketchum, Idaho,
Steward came to me in a dream. I had been bouncing around titles. Anchors, too grounding for the ethereal nature, legions sounding too much like an army.

Painting is my solace. It’s the place where the chaos of the outer world turned in can dismantle and reorganize itself into an intuitive sensibility, an aesthetic elegance.

My influences: fragments of dreams, visions, and the complexity of an omnipresent force I crave to bring to form.

While painting for over twenty-five years, I have risked, deconstructed, shuffled, veiled, denied, wrestled, reckoned with, and resurrected surface over and over again. It’s my longest standing relationship to date, and I hold deep reverence to the process.

I search out, hold space, and wait for the inbetween places, the relational glimpses of ephemeral frequencies that sometimes imagine their way through me. Mutating form and color into boundaries and tension points is what informs the process.

Sometimes the paintings happen quickly, the initial spark of a gesture and completed narration found in playful juxtaposition of textures and minimal hues of contrast.

But most often, I labor. Paintings build up over time. Layers of paint on top of paint, hiding and obscuring. A palimpsest of surface, effaced with traces of beginnings at the end. These hold potent energy for me; life force. I work to capture the ethereal, to find the intelligence in aesthetic beauty, shapeshifting vibration, caretaking light.

F R I E S E N  G A L L E R Y 
On View March 7 - April 12, 2019
Opening reception March 8 from 5 - 8 pm

320 1st Ave N. at Sun Valley Rd., Ketchum, ID.
Please contact the gallery for a complete list of works or more information.