Be Brave Now

Last weekend, as one of my workshop sessions was coming to a close, I asked the participants to "Be Brave Now" in response to their painting process.

These three words on reflection might make a great title for a book, a mantra, or just an upcoming workshop.
But on deeper reflection, what did I mean by uttering these words towards an end of a session?

To Be Brave asks of us to rise to an event calling for change. In painting and in life, these impulses usually appear at an impasse in our process, somewhat content where the painting/life is, but having an inclination it could be further developed and produce a more gratifying result. To Be Brave is asking of us to take a leap of faith, to push and grow.

Usually what I focus on in my teaching on any given day, month, or year is usually what I am asking for in myself, whether in my art practice or in my life.

My new workshop offerings are becoming more focused on a depth of individual process and how to address our capacity, or lack of, to take RISKS!  So, if I let this really settle in, I imagine my art practice/life is about to experience a risk-turned-shift. What does Being Brave Now look like for you?