A New Year.... 2017

This new year has already come on full steam. My life seems to be in synch with the fast changing times we might all find ourselves in - in this moment in time. What comes to mind is a quote my spiritual teacher Angeles Arrien used to say. "Do not move the way fear wants you to. Instead, begin a foolish project, Noah did." There is never been a more important time to remember to stay in our centers and engage our right brains in creative activities as our minds unravel the craziness we might find ourselves in. Yes—activate and choose your battles—but let's engage the creative process so we are nimble and quick in thinking and breathing outside of the tangled matrix we now find ourselves in.

I just returned from a first and glorious time in Bali, Indonesia. I am now en route to California to teach a workshop in the ICB building in Sausalito.

Here is an update on my schedule:

Upcoming Workshops and Classes: 2017

Ongoing Wednesday Open Studio - Mantecon Studio- 123A Camino Teresa, Santa Fe, NM- 1-4pm. $55.00 drop in, all materials provided. * Note- No class Feb 1st and 8th.

Alchemy of Mixed Media - Sausalito California -Feb 4th and 5th - SOLD OUT- I am extending an offer
on Monday the 6th and Tuesday the 7th, private studio visits while in Marin County and the ICB Building, Sausalito-  $75.00 an hour. Contact: lauren.mantecon@gmail.com to schedule.

Guest Workshop at Mantecon Studio: Finding the Soul of Forgotten Materials with
Geoffrey Gorman
- Feb 6th-10th

Alchemy of Mixed Media - San Clemente, California April 8th-9th

Painting on Big Birch Panels from the Ground Up - Mantecon Studio- April 29th-30th123A Camino Teresa, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Meeting Your Inner Guide, Painting Your Inner Wisdom-
An Invitation for a Shamanic Journey
- Mantecon Studio- May 27th-28th 123A Camino Teresa, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Alchemy of Mixed Media - Ridgeway, Colorado- June 25th-26th

Ongoing: Mantecon Studio - Private and Group Workshops and Long Distance Skype Mentoring

For more information visit:

Happy New Year to All,