Women's Spiritual Hungers- November 2nd and 3rd, 2018

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Women's Spiritual Hungers- November 2nd and 3rd, 2018


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contact: lauren@manteconstudio.com for registration.

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With Nina Ross & Lauren Mantecon 
Santa Fe, NM

Women’s Spiritual Hungers: A Women’s Healing Retreat

Women are complex and sensitive souls. We as women often strive for perfectionism that is dictated from an impossible cultural “ norm” of stimuli from the outside world. These self -imposed demands drain us of a vital, deep connection to our souls via our precious physical bodies. Our deep spiritual hunger is often misinterpreted as bodily hunger.

In this women's retreat we will dive into an exploration of ideologies that connect our soul back to body and vice versa. Together we will seek to identify our deepest longings and creative needs. We will do this in order to claim a more sacred and grounded ability to be in present time , bringing into focus the roots of our passions and a better understanding of our instinctual selves.

Through discussions, visualizations, painting and art making we will dive into the deep reservoir of personal connection together.

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