The Alchemy of Mixed Media in Lexington, KY


The Alchemy of Mixed Media in Lexington, KY


The Alchemy of Mixed Media in Lexington, Kentucky
with Lauren Mantecón

Saturday, November 4th
Tuesday, November 7th

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An exploration of loosing the grip on expectations and letting the alchemy lead the way~

Painters and mixed media artists alike, and anybody else who just wants to explore mediums such as paint and dry pigments, collage, wax, color, forms and a new approach to your own personal vocabulary of images will thrive in this workshop. The three and a half days begin with gesture and mark making then we make our way into a variety of materials that suit individualized styles of making.

Hand made gesso is introduced for application on untreated birch panels. This is the making of rabbit skin glue in combination with whiting: A great material to conjoin the interplay with organic materials, from the ground up. Collage techniques in combination with mixed media approaches will be used on surfaces of your choice- wood, paper or canvas. Demonstrations and shared discussions on contemporary artists and more will be part of thisin depth release of play through your personal artpractice.

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