As a creator I reach for that which is out of plain sight, rendering what is concealed to create a tangible embrace with the viewer.

Threads of my background studies and degrees in biochemistry, nutrition, cooking, textiles/weaving, and art therapy have woven an intricate fabric that becomes a springboard of interests, color, and textures for developing my mixed media art work.  I stepped back from my 9 year art therapy practice to engage more deeply in the development of my own art.

I strive to encourage participants to be open to surprise, to go beyond their familiar rules and habits for creating, to stretch the boundaries of discovery through the mix of unlikely materials during the creative process.

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Catherine Trapani

Essential to my work, art and yoga are intertwined as practices which insist on permitting the heart to speak.  Animating a process of honoring and recording what appears within.  They are journey and destination, process as path. Together, these arts evoke a playful urgency, steadily guiding me to the next and the next.

 I gather together symbolic images as an invocation, using color, objects and media to document souvenirs of memory, time, and longing.  They challenge me to explore,  reveal and obscure intimate dramas, staying present with shifting narratives as they make themselves known. For me, a successful work of art is not perfect. It aims to leave you wanting, to serve as a provocation.  Mystery, timelessness and lush evocative surfaces are qualities I strive to create in my art work. Luckily, I use a process of techniques and elements to create evocative surfaces, inviting drips, smears and other beautiful mishaps.


Lisa Manis

I seek to express a quality of ancient and present time in space, texture and color, bringing a sense of spirit and divine magic into my work. 

Birds, animals, angelic figures, symbolic language,  fragments of poetry, all become symbols to create a sense of spiritual presence. 

I incise and or scrawl into venetian plaster creating a mixed media cracked fresco like surface.

My background is in Asian philosophy and art from the University of Michigan and Social work from University of Washington.  

My experience teaching  hypnotherapy and past life regression, as a medium, empath and spiritual consultant have taken me deep into the mystery, magic and wonder of the soul's journey.  When Teaching, I am all about play, and finding  our own language of color, shape and mark making. 

Lisa leads our Young Artist Workshops.