A New Year.... 2017

This new year has already come on full steam. My life seems to be in synch with the fast changing times we might all find ourselves in - in this moment in time. What comes to mind is a quote myspiritual teacher Angeles Arrienuse to say. " Do not move the way fear wants you to- instead begin a foolish project, Noah did." There is never been a more important time to remember to stay in our centers and ngage or right brains in creative activities as our minds unravel the craziness we might find ourselves in. Yes- activate and choose your battles- but let's engage the creative process so we are nimble and quick in thinking and breathing outside of the tangled matrix we now find ourselves in.

I just returned from a first and glorious time in Indonesia, Bali. I am now on route to California to teach a workshop in the ICB building in Sausalito, Cal.

Here is an update on my schedule:

Upcoming Workshops and Classes: 2017

Ongoing Wednesday Open Studio - Mantecon Studio- 123A Camino Teresa, Santa Fe, NM- 1-4pm. $55.00 drop in, all materials provided. * Note- No class Feb 1st and 8th.

Alchemy of Mixed Media - Sausalito California -Feb 4th and 5th - SOLD OUT- I am extending an offer
on Monday the 6th and Tuesday the 7th, private studio visits while in Marin County and the ICB Building, Sausalito-  $75.00 an hour. Contact: lauren.mantecon@gmail.com to schedule.

Guest Workshop at Mantecon Studio: Finding the Soul of Forgotten Materials with
Geoffrey Gorman
- Feb 6th-10th

Alchemy of Mixed Media - San Clemente, California April 8th-9th

Painting on Big Birch Panels from the Ground Up - Mantecon Studio- April 29th-30th123A Camino Teresa, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Meeting Your Inner Guide, Painting Your Inner Wisdom-
An Invitation for a Shamanic Journey
- Mantecon Studio- May 27th-28th 123A Camino Teresa, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Alchemy of Mixed Media - Ridgeway, Colorado- June 25th-26th

Ongoing: Mantecon Studio - Private and Group Workshops and Long Distance Skype Mentoring

For more information visit:

Happy New Year to All,